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Capital Contact

 Anca Markie
Silver Lining Properties, LLC

The Opportunity:
A Senior Living Fund to raise equity capital for Value-Ad Senior Living properties. Silver Lining Properties and its management partners are seeking private equity capital for the purchase and expansion of specified and unspecified Senior Living Properties in the Mid-Atlantic/South Region of the U.S.
Before inclusion in the fund, each property has undergone extensive due diligence consisting of third party feasibility and market studies, financial, physical, operations and legal inspections. Operations Management and Construction Management are in place.

The Investment Strategy: Silver Living SLI Fund One (“The Fund”)
For purposes of acquisition and expansion of specific and non-specific properties as described;
A semi-specific equity fund for accredited investors that meet the Reg 506(b) standard;
Investment in The Fund as a limited partner in all properties: with the investor able to take advantage of depreciation to the extent of their investment in The Fund;
Limited partners will have an equity ownership interest to the extent of their investment in The Fund;
Managed by experienced real estate fund partners;
Construction on any property included in The Fund will begin after transition of ownership and completion is projected in 9-12 months;
Properties will be stabilized by Year 3.

Investment Objective:
Your portfolio will be focused on total return, meaning growth of value through forced appreciation. The portfolio is built on the following property criteria for the optimal balance of Senior Living Assets.

Development Opportunities;

Purchase and expansion costs may vary between 2.0M-15M;
Location: Mid-Atlantic/South Region of USA (PA, MD, D.C., VA, NC, SC, GA)
Located in or near population centers of 200,000 or more;
Site is a min. 5 acres
Non-institutional “home-like” feel;
All residents are Private Pay;
Feasibility/Market studies must reflect need for Assisted Living and Memory Care expansion in the area
Pro-forma: Minimum yearly cash on cash returns of 8% at stabilization and minimum 5 year yield of 25% annualized ROI.

Property Income Strategies:
Rents at or above market rates for location;
Additional services and amenities;
Respite/temporary residents;
A balanced resident census of Independent, Assisted, and/or Memory Care (incl. Alzheimer’s and Dementias) residents;
Increase occupancy through expansion.

The Ask
Properties are leveraged with Bridge to Perm (HUD) loan at 65-75% of Cost or Value;
Equity requirement from preferred/senior and private equity sources is 90% (with sponsor/owners equity of 10%);
Accredited Investors only;
Minimum investment is $100,000 for private investors;

The Exit
Fund term is 5-7 years;
Annualized yield on each investment may vary but pro-forma expectation are 25-30% IRR at exit and may be based on equity position;
Distributions are paid out quarterly after completion of construction.

Ongoing Communication
Quarterly Investor Conference Calls
Semi Annual Financial Update
Management Updates
Site Visit Reports
Annual Reports