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Silver Lining Properties, based in Richmond, Virginia is an innovative and leading edge real estate investment company founded in 2010 by Robert and Anca Markie. Anca is well recognized for her experience, leadership, and knowledge within the real estate investment community. Roberts experience in the management of large Projects has proven effective in the expansion in to larger acquisitions.

Silver Lining Properties provides the opportunity for individual investors and investment groups to build and preserve their wealth by partnering in privately held multi-family and Assisted Living real estate investments.
We are far from being an ordinary company. We are built on the concept that strength of character, relationships, branding, “the little thing we do that no-one else does”  and Focus are the key to a successful business. Our strategy is to be educated, to educate and build partnerships and congruent businesses with our partners. Silver Lining Properties is a well respected niche real estate investment firm building a nationwide portfolio of Class A and Class B Senior Living Communities in cities and suburbs around the USA. Silver Lining Properties stays focused on real estate - providing an opportunity for increased cash flow and consistent profit shares for its Founders, Investors and Partners.

Respect and protect our Partners and Investors
Never let our Team down
Pursue growth and education
Trust but verify
Never subordinate our Core Values for money
Live each day with honesty and integrity

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  • Anca Markie
  • Robert Markie

Anca Markie is a Co-Founder and Program Manager of Silver Lining Properties with 10 years of experience in single family rental and property management that includes identifying high cash flow and equity properties. Anca evaluates and structures Multi-family and Assisted Living opportunities in markets across the US. Anca owned Spa Epidauros, a large, upscale Day Spa, in Midlothian VA from 2003-2009 with revenues over $300K/yr. She currently sits on the Board at CJ Bruyn Co. out of Bellingham, WA and is a founding partner in a start up in Washington.
Anca retired from the USN in 2000.

Robert Markie, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Silver Lining Properties- Robert has 20 years experience in Project Management and has managed multi-million dollar projects for the Virginia Housing and Development Authority, Northrop Grumman, Estes Express, County of Arlington, VA and other Companies. Robert identifies and assesses macro and micro real estate markets through out the United States. He retired from the USN in 1999.

Combining their formal education, business experience and 10+ years of real estate experience,
Robert and Anca Markie have become experts at increasing revenue, reducing expenses and
improving overall returns of their real estate assets. Their primary focus is risk mitigation and
increasing profitability of under-performing assisted living and memory care properties in
secondary and tertiary markets. By using conservative assumptions during investment analysis
and acquisition, developing an NOI improvement strategy, and then effectively executing on
that strategy, Robert and Anca have been able to generate double-digit cash-on-cash returns.