Assisted Living communities generally serve a frailer segment of the elderly population. Our typical resident is a moderate- to upper income senior, over the age of 75, unable to live independently. Resident needs vary from basic support services to more comprehensive care. Many residents have chronic conditions such as Parkinson's, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, congestive heart disease, stroke, etc., which limit their physical capabilities, including mobility.

We strategically look for existing undervalued, poorly managed facilities in addition to partnering with developers with our same vision for smaller, niche Senior & Assisted Living Communities. We strive to create living situations based on these Philosophy of Services, that, with the help of our Partners have proven to generate residents that thrive. 


Our Operating Partner,  as the Management Agent is responsible for setting standards of performance, quality, productivity and conduct; and for performing accounting and human resources functions. Additionally the agent is responsible for making available any and all resources, advice, consent, and capital required for optimum day to day operating performance of the community. The primary objective of the management company is to enhance the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of the facility.

Our Operating Partners, goal oriented approach to management enables them to attract top managerial talent at the community level who in turn are empowered to most effectively respond to the ever-changing resident needs. This approach has consistently resulted in greater levels of personal accountability and overall job satisfaction at virtually all levels of the organization. A management team has been specifically formed to address all major areas of management operations; namely services delivery, property management and supervision, accounting, marketing, personnel, regulation and training. They have established specific policies and procedures encompassing all facets of the business and plan to provide extensive on-site training to all staff that will allow for maximum effective control of a decentralized operation.