Researching locations for Senior Living Facilities is a vital part of our business. The nature of the market will tell us what type of properties are available that meet our criteria. We look for Middle & High income locations adhering to a strict set of guidelines. 

We are currently actively looking or working on land acquisitions in the following markets:

North Carolina
South Carolina


We typically purchase undervalued raw land for development. All land must be prezoned for multi-family or Senior housing of at least 100 units.

Located in or near population centers of 200,000 or more;
Site is a min. 5 acres
Feasibility/Market studies must reflect need for Assisted Living and Memory Care expansion in the area
Pro-forma: Minimum yearly cash on cash returns of 8% at stabilization and minimum 5 year yield of 25% annualized ROI.

Our Partners

Our rapid growth is primarily due to strategic partnering with well established, experienced partners from around the Country. 

We are always looking for experienced Venture Partners